Corporate Secretary

You no longer have to worry about government deadlines, we track them for you and take care of your corporate secretary routine (shareholders meeting, annual filings, etc...)

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Annual Corporate Secretary

Annual shareholders meeting, Fillings with the Ministry of Commerce and Fillings with the Revenue Department

From 9,900 THB
Change of Shareholder

You want to add or remove some shareholder(s) for your company.

From 14,900 THB
Share Capital Increase

You want to increase the share capital of your company.

From 17,900 THB
Change of Company address

You need to change your current company address.

From 4,900 THB
Company Social Security Registration

You hired your first employee and need to register your company to the Social Security.

From 5,900 THB
RD/SSF/DBD E-filling Registration

You want to register to e-filing for the RD, SFF and DBD to be able to pay your taxes online.

From 1,900 THB
Employee SSF Registration

You hired a new employee and need to register him to the Social Security.

From 1,900 THB
RD Registration for Foreigner

You hired, or you are a foreign worker in Thailand and need to submit your income tax to the Revenue Department

From 3,000 THB
Change of Directors

You need to change your current company director with a new one.

From 17,900 THB

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