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Type of companies in Thailand

Plizz can take care of the registration of the type of companies below:

Limited Company

Business set up by a minimum of 3 shareholders. The liability of shareholders is limited to the portion of the share capital remained unpaid.

From 24,900 THB
Representative Office

Office of an overseas company established in Thailand in order to support the international customer and business. But this kind of business cannot generate revenue.

From 29,900 THB

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) aims at facilitating foreign investments in Thailand, providing the opportunity to register a 100% foreign owned company. BOI promoted companies can benefit from certain incentives depending on their activity, such as tax exemption, employee quota exemption (4 Thai for 1 foreigner).

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Other types of companies existing in Thailand:
Limited Partnership

Liability of the shareholders is limited to any amount left unpaid on their shares. In this case there is a separation between shareholders and directors.

Branch Office

This kind of company is allowed to earn income. The Branch Office's liabilities arising from the action of the business in Thailand will not be limited within Thailand but extends to the head office overseas.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a type of company owned and run by only one person with no legal distinction between the owner and the company, which means that the owner is responsible for his/her debts.

Register company under U.S-Thai Treaty of Amity

Due to this treaty Americans corporations are granted the same rights as a Thai company and including the right for a US national to own a company in Thailand.

Requirements to register a limited company

The registered capital can be as low as 15 THB (at least 5THB per share are required)
You need at least 3 shareholders
A minimum of 25% of the registered share capital should be paid up
In case of foreign ownership, shareholders must prove the availability of such 25% of the registered share capital,
A foreigner can choose to form a Thai majority company whereby the Thai partner(s) will have a minimum of 51% stake in the company, and the foreign associate(s) a maximum of 49%

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