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You want to stay and work in Thailand but don’t know where to start, Plizz will assist you in obtaining your visa and work permit.

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Work permit

An applicant for a work permit must have either a non-immigrant visa or a permanent residence permit.

Company requirements to hire a foreign employee

  • 2 million THB paid-up registered capital per foreign employee Or 1 million THB for foreign employees married to a Thai national.
  • Four Thai employees per 1 work permit

Visa or work permit only 15,000 THB
Visa + Work permit 25,000 THB

Type of Visas

Plizz can take care of the type of visas below:

Visa non-immigrant B

You want to work or conduct a business in Thailand. It is valid for 1 year, with single or multiple entry, but a notification of residence must be done every 90 days at the Immigration office.

This visa is required to obtain a work permit

From 15,000 THB
Visa non-immigrant O

You want to come in Thailand for humanitarian missions, retirement, you are accompanying someone with a Visa O-A or you have Thai family. You are allowed to stay 90 days in Thailand, but employment is prohibited.

From 15,000 THB

Other types of visas in Thailand:
Tourist Visa

You want to visit Thailand for tourism. With this Visa you are allowed to stay in Thailand during 60 days. This visa can be used one time from your entry. You have also the possibility to extend it for 30 more days in an immigration office for 1900 THB. You have to apply for this visa before your trip to Thailand.

Visa non-immigrant ED

You want to study, learn the Thai or do an internship in Thailand. With this Visa you are allowed to stay in Thailand during 90 days. You can extend this Visa at the immigration office in Thailand.

Visa non-immigrant O-A

You want to spend your retirement in Thailand or you are 50 years of age or above. The holder of this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for one year from the date of first entry. The accompanying spouse will be eligible to be considered for temporary stay under a non-immigrant “O” visa, for which a marriage certificate must be provided.

Visa non-immigrant O-X

You are more than 50 years old and spend your retirement in Thailand for a long stay. This visa allows you to stay 10 years in Thailand. This type of visa is available for 14 nationalities only.


You are an expert and want to work in Thailand. This visa can allow you to stay until 4 years in Thailand. You have to be an expert, an investor, an executive director or a start up. With this visa you don’t need a work permit, you can also go the the immigration office only once a year and you can bring your family with you in Thailand.

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