Agoda CEO sees potential for Thailand to become Asian Silicon Valley


June 06, 2024

Thailand has the potential to become Asia’s Silicon Valley, Agoda CEO Omri Morgenshtern said on Thursday, while expressing his support for the government’s vision of transforming the country into a leading technology hub.

His comments came after he met Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin at Agoda’s headquarters in Bangkok. 

Morgenshtern said after a brief meeting with the Thai PM that they had discussed actions to advance Thailand’s status as a global centre for technological progress and innovation.

“We see Thailand recognised not just for its rich culture and landscapes but as a hub of technological innovation. We are committed to support the Thai government and make efforts towards realising the vision of transforming Thailand into the new Silicon Valley of Asia,” he said.

He said Agoda was committed to nurturing local talent by integrating 150 tech trainees each year and hiring numerous engineers from top Thai universities, thereby contributing to the development of a competent and talented workforce in Thailand.

“Agoda’s ability to combine the expertise and ambition of Thai graduates with the broad perspectives of international professionals has cultivated a dynamic and innovative workforce, propelling Thailand towards a future of technological advancement and global competitiveness,” Morgenshtern noted. 

The move is consistent with the Thai government’s promise to improve the workforce’s digital skills and drive innovation.

PM Srettha expressed gratitude for Agoda’s assistance, reiterating Thailand’s ambition to be a global technology hub. 

“Collaborating with Agoda will amplify the benefits of developing our tech workforce and assist in our journey to become a premier digital economy. With business-friendly policies, we provide a fertile ground for organisations like Agoda to invest and flourish in Thailand,” he said.

This shared vision between Agoda and the Thai government lays out a clear path for technological growth and aligns with Thailand’s goal of becoming the world’s leading tech hub, according to the Agoda CEO.

Agoda’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation not only raises Thailand’s profile on a global scale, but also contributes significantly to the country’s tech ecosystem. Over 3,000 of Agoda’s global employees are based in Bangkok.

The company is a major international technology employer in Thailand.

As one the world’s leading digital travel platform, Agoda employs people from 70 different countries to work on software development, data science, product management, business intelligence, and other projects. 

Available in 39 languages and supported by 24/7 customer support, and the Agoda mobile app offer a global network of 4.2 million hotels and holiday properties, as well as flights, activities, and more.

Agoda, headquartered in Asia, is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings and employs over 7,000 people in 26 global markets. The company says it is dedicated to using best-in-class technology to make travel even easier.

Source: The Nation