Value Added Tax (VAT)

The “Value Added Tax (‘VAT’) is a tax on the sale of goods or the provision of services. The current rates are 7% and 0% (on export activities for instance) while some exemptions apply to certain activities.

This tax applies to companies having a yearly accumulated turnover exceeding 1.8 million baht. However, companies willing to hire foreign workers should preliminary register to VAT disregards of their accumulated turnover.

Failing to declare your VAT may induce high penalties.

Activities subject to VAT exemption

Activities subject to VAT 0%

Monthly VAT submission

VAT returns must filed in the month following the payment and the issuance of a tax invoice as per below deadlines:
Companies registered with the Revenue Department e-filing are granted an additional 8 days to file their VAT returns i.e by the 15th & 23rd of the month for the P.P36 & P.P 30 respectively.

Late submission

The Revenue Department imposes fines for the late submission of VAT returns (300 THB within the first 7 days and 500 THB after), penalties of up to 200% of due taxes, as well as surcharge accruing at the monthly rate of 1.5% of due taxes.

Online VAT Registration service

4 easy steps to register VAT online with Corporate secretary platform