Visa and Work permit

Do you want to live, work, or get married in Thailand? You cannot simply go to the country and stay as long as you’d like. You need to get a visa, and if you intend to work, you will also need a work permit. Plizz makes the process easy for business owners, investors, and talent.

Type of Visas

Plizz can take care of the type of visas below:

Non-immigrant O Visa

Are you looking forward to a marriage in Thailand? First, you must obtain a Non-Immigrant O (marriage) visa. A marriage visa will allow you to stay in the country for 90 days, giving you ample time to spend with your significant other’s family and get married.

The requirements are different for foreign men and women. If you are a foreign man about to marry a Thai woman, you will need a Thai bank account with at least 400,000 THB or earn at least 40,000 THB a month.

However, you do not need to meet these requirements if you are a foreign woman who is going to marry a Thai man. Instead, your soon-to-be spouse must prove he has paid his personal income tax.

You can apply for this visa before you arrive in Thailand, or you can obtain a 60-day tourist visa, enter Thailand, and convert your visa. If you go this route, you will need to meet the financial requirements while your tourist visa is intact so you can convert it. You must have money in your Thai bank account for at least two months before the country will allow you to convert your visa.

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Non-immigrant B Visa

A Non-Immigrant B visa will allow you to invest or work in Thailand. Once approved, you will be eligible for a work permit, to explore investment opportunities, and open a Thai bank account. The visa can include unlimited entries, but you must leave Thailand every 90 days if you do not apply for an extension at the Immigration Bureau in Thailand. The visa is valid for a full year.

To apply for this visa, you will need your passport, sponsorship documents, and a completed visa application. The Thai embassy or consulate will review your application, and if approved, you will receive your visa.

From 20,000 THB

Other types of visas in Thailand:

Non-immigrant ED Visa

If you want to obtain your education in Thailand, you will need a Non-Immigrant ED (education) visa. Before you can get a visa, you must get accepted at a school in Thailand and receive an admission or acceptance letter. Then, you will be ready to apply.

There are two options for applying for an education visa. If you are already in Thailand on another visa, you can visit the immigration department in Thailand and apply to have your visa converted by filling the TM 86 form. The conversion costs 2,000 THB.

If you are not yet in Thailand, you can apply from home at the Royal Thai Consulate by completing the TM 87 application. The amount you pay depends on the Royal Thai Consulate office you visit.

Regardless of how you apply, your visa will be valid for 90 days. You can apply for an extension at the end of the 90 days, so you can finish your schooling.

Non-immigrant O-A Visa

Are you planning your retirement in Thailand? You will need a Non-Immigrant O-A (retirement) visa to live out your dreams. To apply, you must be at least 50 years of age; cannot work in Thailand in any capacity; and must pass health, character, and criminal checks. The country also has financial requirements.

You will meet the requirements if you have a Thai bank account with a minimum of 800,000 THB or earnings of at least 65,000 THB a month. The government also accepts applicants that have a combination of the two that equal 800,000 THB over the course of a year.

While you can apply for this visa outright, many find it easier to first obtain a different visa and use it to enter the country. Then, they convert the visa into a retirement visa. However, a tourist visa is not a good option. You will need to hold a return ticket home if you have a tourist visa.

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Four-Year Smart Visa

Thailand issues the four-year Smart Visa as a way to attract talent to the country. The categories for the visa are Talent, Investor, Executive, Startup, and Others (family members). This visa allows you to stay in the county for four years, and you will not need a work permit. Immigration reporting is extended to one year instead of 90 days, and you do not need a re-entry permit. Also, you can bring your entire family since your spouse and kids will receive the same benefits.

Each category has its own guidelines, and it can be complex to understand. Let Plizz help you determine if you meet the recruitments and fill out the application.

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Non-immigrant IB Visa

If you have invested at least 10 million THB in Thailand, you can get a Non-Immigrant IB (Investment) visa. Investments can include a combination of condominiums, government or state enterprise bonds, and a fixed deposit with a bank account.

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Work permit

An applicant for a work permit must have either a non-immigrant visa or a permanent residence permit.

Company requirements to hire a foreign employee

You cannot work for a company in Thailand without a work permit. However, you must first obtain a non-immigrant visa and enter Thailand before receiving your work permit. If approved, your permit will be valid for the same length as your non-immigrant visa. You then have the option to extend your work permit once it expires.

The company you work for must have 2 million THB in registered capital, at least four Thai employees that are registered with the social fund, and VAT registration. Your company can work with Plizz to ensure all the necessary paperwork is provided.

90-day Reporting

If you are a foreigner and live in Thailand, you must notify your address and current status to the Immigration Office every 90 days, in order to keep your visa active. This is not needed if you leave the country within the 90 day period and come back, in that case it starts again from zero.

90-day reporting can be completed up to 14 days before the required 90-day date, or up to 7 days after.

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