Personal Income Tax

The Personal Income Tax (PIT) is a direct tax levied on the income of taxable persons, i.e individuals residing in Thailand more than 180 days in a calendar year, or non-resident earning income in Thailand.

The PIT applies to different categories of income such as salaries & wages, receipts from copyright, interests, dividends, capital gains, income from property, from services or from liberal professions.

Deductions & allowances

The assessable income of a taxpayer, i.e the income derived from above mentioned categories and subject to PIT, can be reduced by certain deductions and allowances lowering the tax liability, as below listed:
Income type Deductible expenses
Income from employment 50% of assessable income, up to 100,000 THB
Income received from goodwill, copyright, other rights, annuity, court judgments, etc... 50% of assessable income, up to 100,000 THB
Income from rental of property 30% of assessable income for houses, buildings & vehicles, 10% to 20% for other property
Income derived from liberal professions 30% of assessable income except for medical professions where 60% is allowed
Construction income Actual expense or 60% of assessable income
Income from activities of business, commerce, agriculture, transportation, other not specified 60% of assessable income


The deduction of expenses in relation to income from rental, liberal professions, contract work, activities of business, commerce and other non specified income may be made on an actual basis only if satisfactory evidences of such expenses can be provided to the Revenue Department.

Personal Income Tax - Allowance

Type of allowance (*) Rate
Personal 60,000 THB
Spouse (with no income) 60,000 THB
Child (under 20 years of age, regardless of whether he or she is studying, or under 25 years of age but he or she must be studying at a university in Thailand, uncapped number of children) 30,000 THB
Parent (each) 30,000 THB
Life insurance premium paid by tax payer Amount actually paid up to 100,000 THB
Provident fund contributions and retired mutual fund 15% of assessable income up to Up to 500,000 THB
Long term equity fund 15% of assessable income up to Up to 500,000 THB
Home mortgage interest Amount actually paid up to 100,000 THB
Charitable contributions Amount actually donated up to 10% of assessable income after standard deductions and allowances.There is a double deduction allowed for donations to educational organizations, but not exceeding 10% of assessable income.


The above list is not definitive and allowances on specific classes of income may differ.

How to calculate your PIT

The PIT calculation is therefore the result of the following formula: Assessable Income – Deductible expenses – Allowances, to which the below progressive tax rates apply:

Taxable income (Baht) Tax rate %
1 - 150,000 Exempt
150,001 - 300,000 5%
300,001 - 500,000 10%
500,001 - 750,000 15%
750,000 - 1,000,000 20%
1,000,001 - 2,000,000 25%
2,000,001 - 5,000,000 30%
5,000,001 and Over 35%