BoI aims to boost investment in medical sector

April 02, 2020

The Board of Investment is drawing up a plan to attract more investment in the medical industry in a move to boost the production of medical supplies to fight Covid-19, BoI deputy secretary-general Narit Therdsteerasukdi said on Wednesday (April 1).

The plan will be tabled for the BoI board’s consideration on April 10.

Narit added that the plan would focus on offering high tax incentives to encourage large investments in the field and will specify a timeframe for the products to be launched in the market.

If manufacturers are able to meet the deadline, they will be eligible to enjoy the tax benefits.

The products to be covered under the incentive include surgical masks, protective suits, disinfectant and Covid-19 test kits.

He added that the number of companies applying for BoI support is almost unchanged compared to the same period last year despite the Covid-19 outbreak.

Source : The Nation