Japanese were top foreign investors in Thailand last year

January 20, 2023

Last year saw a slight uptick in the number of foreign investors opening businesses in Thailand, but the amount invested increased substantially, according to data released by the Commerce Ministry on Friday.

The ministry said 583 foreign entities opened businesses here last year. Their combined investment totalled 128.77 billion baht and they hired 5,253 Thai workers, according to the data.

Deputy Commerce Minister Sinit Lertkrai said 218 foreign investors used business licences for their investments and 365 used business certificates.

Sinit LertkraiSinit Lertkrai

The top five sources of foreign investment last year were Japan (151), Singapore (98), the United States (71), Hong Kong SAR (40), and China (31), Sinit said.

The number of foreign investors who opened businesses in Thailand last year was 13 higher than the 520 in 2021. The amount of investment, however, rose substantially. It was 46.27 billion baht higher last year than the 82.50 billion baht invested by foreign entities in 2021, Sinit added.

“Most foreign investors operate businesses in line with Thailand’s policy to develop infrastructure and targeted industries,” he said.

Japanese were top foreign investors in Thailand last year

Sinit said that 119 foreign entities had invested 52.87 billion baht in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) last year, accounting for 20% and 41% of total foreign investors and investment, respectively.

“Most foreign investors in the EEC came from Japan (47), followed by China and Singapore (11 each),” he said.

Foreign investors in the EEC invested in the development of factory and warehouse management systems, as well as engineering and technical services, Sinit said.

Source: The Nation