Thai Economic Sentiment Sees Overall Regional Improvement

June 04, 2023

Government efforts to develop infrastructure in support of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) have enabled the forward economic confidence index for the EEC area to reach an impressive 87.1 points.

The Thai Regional Economic Sentiment Index (RSI) for the month of May showed improvements in confidence for all regions of Thailand. For the EEC area, the economic sentiment index rose to 87.1 points.

The sentiment index stood at 86.5 for the agriculture sector, 88.9 for the industrial sector and 90.1 for the service sector. For employment and investment prospects, the sentiment indices stood at 83.0 and 87.3 points, respectively.

The RSI is produced by the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) of the Ministry of Finance and reflects forward confidence in the economy for the next 6 months.

According to the FPO, the improvement in sentiment was due to the government’s expeditious development of the EEC area as an investment hotspot and a nurturing center for 12 of Thailand’s target industries.

The EEC has been attracting foreign investors and professionals while creating jobs and dispersing income into communities in the area and nearby locations. The pursuit of the EEC is expected to sustainably benefit the Thai economy.

Source : National bureau of thailand