World Bank VP affirms help with expertise, aid, water management


March 22, 2024

Cooperation in education, labour, and water management topped the agenda for talks between Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and World Bank vice president for East Asia and Pacific, Manuela V Ferro, as they met on Thursday at Government House.

Srettha, who doubles as the Finance Minister, told Ferro that Thailand is ready to host the annual meeting of executives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank scheduled for 2026. The premier hoped that the event would help boost investors’ confidence in Thailand’s potential, as well as promote the kingdom’s cultures, arts, foods and tourist attractions to international audiences.

Both sides exchanged opinions during the meeting and agreed to cooperate to improve the quality of education, labour training, and water resource management in Thailand to support the country’s economic expansion policies.

The World Bank vice-president promised to continue supporting Thailand by providing know-how, expertise, and financial aid in projects that would benefit the Thai people.

She also praised the government’s approach to attract foreign investors by highlighting sustainability efforts, as well as Thailand’s record of remaining neutral amid international conflicts.

Srettha affirmed that as a global citizen, Thailand would maintain its neutrality with all sides and avoid becoming anyone’s enemy.

Source: The Nation