Cabinet okays 2025 budget bill allocating THB3.752 trillion spending


April 18, 2024

The Cabinet on Thursday approved the budget bill for fiscal 2025 with government spending totalling 3.752 trillion baht, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said.

The weekly Cabinet meeting was postponed from Tuesday.

The bill has allocated 3.752 trillion baht for government spending in fiscal 2025, which begins on October 1.

The projected spending is divided into 2.704 trillion baht for fixed expenditure, 908.223 million baht for investments and 150.1 million baht for loan repayment.

Srettha said the budget deficit of 865.7 million baht would be offset by loans. The prime minister added that the Finance Ministry estimated Thailand’s gross domestic product for fiscal 2025 at 19.57 trillion baht.

According to the draft, the budget allocations would be as follows:

Central emergency fund: 805.745 billion baht

PM’s Office: 36.128 billion baht

Defence Ministry: 200.923 billion baht

Finance Ministry: 390.314 billion baht

Foreign Ministry: 9.014 billion baht

Tourism and Sports Ministry: 6.447 billion baht

Social Development and Human Security Ministry: 26.839 billion baht

Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Ministry: 132.294 billion baht

Agriculture Ministry: 123.15 billion baht

Transport Ministry: 193.618 billion baht

Digital Economy and Society: 9.887 billion baht

Natural Resources and Environment Ministry: 35.284 billion baht

Energy Ministry: 2.89 billion baht

Commerce Ministry: 7.348 billion baht

Interior Ministry: 294.863 billion baht

Justice Ministry: 29.076 billion baht

Labour Ministry: 67.772 billion baht

Culture Ministry: 8.841 billion baht

Education Ministry: 340.584 billion baht

Public Health Ministry: 172.285 billion baht

Industry Ministry: 5.589 billion baht

Government agencies under PM’s Office: 135.743 billion baht

Provinces and clusters of provinces: 24.042 billion baht

State enterprises: 145.706 billion baht

Parliamentary agencies: 8.161 billion baht

Agencies under Courts of Justice: 26.415 billion baht

Independent organisations and Office of Attorney-General: 25.513 billion baht

Local administrations: 195.637 billion baht

Other government agencies: 631 million baht

Thai Red Cross Society: 9.178 billion baht

Agencies serving the King: 8.475 billion baht

Revolving funds: 274.296 billion baht.

Source: The Nation