Cash handouts extended to six months

April 07, 2020

The Cabinet agreed on Tuesday (April 7) to extend the cash-handout period from three months to six months, Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana said after the Cabinet meeting.

The government aims to provide Bt5,000 in cash per month to 9 million people from April 8 until September.

As many as 24.2 million people have so far registered for the handout via the www.เราไม่ทิ้งกัน.com/ website and the Finance Ministry is in the process of screening who is eligible. The relief measure covers people who do freelance jobs, are self-employed or are workers in the informal sector who are affected by the Covid-10 pandemic or are out of jobs due to the forced shutdown of businesses.

The government initially only planned to provide cash to 3 million people for three months.

Source: The Nation