Plizz is now a Corresponding Member of DFK International!

Plizz aims at providing the best Accounting Services solution for SMEs in Thailand, thanks to responsive, transparent and cost effective services powered by a user friendly Online Platform. As recognition of our hard work, Plizz has become the Thailand representative of DFK International, a Top 10 global association of independent accounting firms and business advisers with over 400 offices in more than 90 countries worldwide!

Here are some reasons as to why Plizz should be your next accountant in Thailand.

Flexible Pricing

Are you a Small or Medium sized Business struggling with your numbers and piles of bills? Great! We’re here to do the hard work for you! With Plizz, you can scale your business without having to worry about tax filings or payroll.

Cloud based Accounting

In Thailand, everything is done on paper. This can be tiring, expensive, and confusing! Especially when you’re looking to keep your accounts up to date, Plizz solves this with an easy to use dashboard which will show your cashflow and P&L, track your outstanding bills and tax deadlines, etc… Gone are the days of messy paper accounting, it’s 2018!

Incredible Customer Service

Have you ever emailed your accountant and had no response for days? In Thailand, it’s rare to find a company that offers fast, effective customer service. When you sign up with Plizz, you’ll find an accountant available to respond swiftly to your queries, providing you peace of mind about any issue that may arise.

We Speak Your Language!

Are you a foreigner that’s looking to open a business in Thailand? If yes, Plizz is the perfect solution, our staff are fluent in English and are able to explain the Thai tax system to use with ease. You shouldn’t be confused about your business tax filings, Plizz makes it simple.

Plizz starts at ฿4900 per month, which includes your monthly tax filings, bookkeeping, payroll for 5 employees and more! Sign up today to simplify your accounting process.