Thailand reopening for foreign business visitors and long-stay tourists

September 17, 2020

Government Spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri, together with Deputy Secretary-General of Office of National Economic and Social Development Board Danucha Pitchaynan, and head of the Fiscal Policy Office’s Tax Policy Department Kanchana Tangpakorn, held a press briefing on the 3/2020 meeting outcomes of the Center for Economic Situation Administration (CESA) as follows:

According to the Government Spokesperson, the meeting acknowledged implementation progress of COVID-19 relief and rehabilitation measures, reopening of the country for foreign business visitors (on which CESA was assigned to revise guideline and condition to facilitate entering into Thailand of business operators and engineers whose production base is in the country), and the guideline on Special Tourist Visa (STV), as approved in principle by the cabinet on September 15.

The meeting also approved in principle a measure to maintain domestic consumption and increase spending power of low-income earners and the public, as proposed by Ministry of Finance, through implementation of 2 schemes: 1) “Increasing spending power of state welfare card holders” by subsidizing 500 Baht/person for 3 months (October – December 2020) for their consumption expenditure; and 2) “Half-Half scheme”, under which the Government will assist 10 million grassroots economy people, market vendors and stall owners with the co-payment of not over 3,000 Baht during the period of October – December 2020.

Criteria amendment for Permanent Resident Permit and Smart Visa was also approved in principle to further attract foreign experts, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs.

The Prime Minister has assigned Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) to work together with Ministry of Interior in revising criteria for Smart Visa to include investment-related conditions.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was also ordered to make amend to its Elite Card scheme to connect tourism with investment aspect. The meeting also approved Thailand’s credit term to enhance business liquidity of SMEs who are suppliers to larger corporations.

Approval was also made for 4 categories of long-term economic stimulus plans under Committee for Economic Situation Administration: 1) infrastructure development, comprising 7 infrastructure development projects and Ministry of Public Health’s medical center development project; 2) restructuring of infrastructure management, comprising 4 measures, e.g., setting up of national commission and office for promotion of urban and transport infrastructure development, etc.; 3) state enterprise capacity enhancement; and 4) pre-feasibility study of Thai Bridge construction project connecting Chonburi and Phetchaburi provinces.

According to the Government Spokesperson, all the above meeting resolutions will be brought to the cabinet meeting for its consideration next week.

Source: Pattaya Mail